Meet Chef Milton – Head chef Roatan Aggressor

By: Chef Milton

Milton hails from the Honduras capitol city of Tegucigalpa. On finishing his High school Milton attended the culinary arts school of Honduras for 2 years before honing his skills at a couple of the city’s top end restaurants  before moving to the USA to broaden his cooking Knowledge. 

He enjoyed two years learning southern style cooking in New Orleans combining his Spanish creole style with the distinctive food from the deep south and a twang of Cajon thrown in.

Missing his home country, Milton relocated to the island of Roatan and was soux chef at the 2 top restaurants on the island specializing in fresh local seafood and farm to the table cuisine.

We are very lucky to have had Chef Milton onboard the Roatan Aggressor for the past 4 years and during our downtime through Covid Milton honed his baking skills by volunteering as a bread baker at the city’s largest bakery. Yum! Always smiling and willing to go the extra mile in creating well prepared exciting local & international meals onboard.

So be sure you say Hi to chef Milton in his galley and a make sure to try all of his home baked breads, pastries and deserts especially his New Orleans style “Caramel  Volcano Bread Pudding”  😉

Nola Caramel Volcano.

Bread pudding ingredients (6 portions)

2lb ½ diced old bread or sweet  pastries

4 oz Brown sugar

4oz White sugar

6 whole eggs

2 cup ½ & ½ or buttermilk

½ cup heavy cream

8 oz salted  butter (Melted)

½ cup Bourbon

1 cup raisins

2 tble spoons cinnamon

2 tble vanilla

Pinch of salt

I cup chopped cashews nuts (optional)

Bourbon sauce

½ lb butter

1lb brown sugar

½ cup bourbon

¼ cup honey

Caramelize all ingredient’s on low heat in a thick bottoms pan and cool

Slowly add ¼ cup  heavy cream

Cooking directions

Mix all dry ingredients together in a large mixing bowl/

Separately combine heavy cream, eggs, 1/2 &1/2, melted butter, vanilla

Add wet mix to dry ingredients and let sit for 30 min

Pour contents into 2 inch deep baking dish

Cover with aluminum foil & bake for 60 min 350f

Remove  aluminum foil and bake for 15 min @ 375f

Remove at let cool for 30 min.

Portion Bread pudding into a serving bowl and cover with warm  Bourbon sauce

Serve with a side of Vanilla bean ice cream if desired.


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