Still Going Strong at 82

By: Roatan crew family

 Irv Tannerbaum is enjoying his 29th trip on  an Aggressor boat this week  onboard the Roatan Aggressor.

Irv learned to dive at the age of 54 in Philadelphia and completed  his open water dives in the Florida Keys.

He was hooked and wanted to see all the wonders of the underwater world. Next trip was on the Tahiti Aggressor where I met him in 1997 and have dove with Irv many times in several Aggressor locations

Then Turks, Belize Cayman, Galapagos and the list goes on. Often a Irondiver always an entertaining addition to any charter Irv became a familiar guest with the  owners and crews around the Fleet. He especially enjoyed diving with Wayne H and Wayne B and was often spotted enjoying his afternoon cocktail once the sun was over the yardarm.

Like all of us Irv is slowing down only 3-4 dives a day now, he still insists to carry his own tank and is usually involved with all the shenanigans and fun onboard any charter. 

We hope to celebrate his 30th Aggressor with his friends onboard the Roatan Aggressor and know very well Irv inspires us ll to do 

“One more dive”

Congratulations Irv

From  all your dive  friends fishes & Roatan crew family
Team Roatan

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