Earth Day 2024 with Aggressor Adventures

By Samantha Whitcraft, Director of Conservation & Outreach, Aggressor Adventures® & Executive Director, Sea of Change Foundation


Earth Day is celebrated internationally every April 22 since 1970 making this year the 54th anniversary of the first day our planet home was recognized for all its majestic wonders and vital ecological services. This year’s Earth Day theme is Plastic vs. Planet. This theme encourages communities, institutions, and businesses to do their part in reducing plastic waste. Why is this important? Scientists have now found plastic debris and particles and its associated toxins in our forests, deserts, rivers, lakes, oceans, soil, food and even our bodies.


Through our award-winning Green the Fleet® sustainability initiatives, Aggressor Adventures® continually improves our environmentally aware operations, especially towards addressing the issue of single-use plastics. Examples include:

• Last month, staff of the Belize Aggressor IV conducted a harbor clean-up during dry-dock, collecting and responsibly disposing of over 17 bags of marine debris or 136 lbs. of marine debris removed from the shoreline and waters including a significant proportion of single-use plastics;

• In early April, the Galapagos Aggressor III staff conducted a shoreline clean-up of approximately 353 lbs. of coastal trash with much of the removed debris comprised of plastic including potential wildlife entanglements like ropes, lines, and bags;

• During periodic dry-docks, all Aggressor yachts’ staff regularly volunteer to complete harbor clean-ups where they document the types and concentrations of discarded plastics;

• For the past six years, plastic straws, cutlery, coffee pods, and single-use plastic cups have been removed from all Aggressor Adventures’ operations including at corporate headquarters.


Looking for ways to recognize this important day? Here are four ways you can participate…

  1. Learn about how to reduce your plastic-use with the heroes at Mission Blue, here; and start your own #PlasticDetox by replacing your single-use items with more durable ones.
  • Support Aggressor Adventures’ official conservation partner, the Sea of Change Foundation’s important conservation work worldwide, here.
  • Download, use, and travel with our free Sustainable Travel Guide – see especially Chapter Five entitled, “Single-use Plastics and Sustainable Replacements”.
  • Take a walk in a forest, swim in a stream, or dive in the ocean to enjoy an adventure with both Mother Nature and your family and friends; and, of course, consider picking up any trash you may see during your adventure. If you want to share your experiences about Earth Day 2024, consider submitting a blog for potential publication here to

Photos below are from the Galapagos Aggressor III’s shoreline clean-up, April 2024.

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