July & August are for the Sharks!

We love sharks. You love sharks. What’s not to love? Sharks are graceful, beautiful, ancient, and diverse with over 500 recognized species ranging from the tiny dwarf lanternshark to the largest fish in the ocean, the majestic whale shark. Some sharks glow, some spin, and some even seem to walk along the sea floor; and they are all endlessly fascinating to both divers and the general public.

And now we can all rejoice because this summer, there are three major events focused on sharks. Learn more about each, below.

  1. Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, July 7 – 13, 2024

Shark Week 2024 will showcase adrenaline-pumping encounters with big sharks in their natural habitats. Viewers can expect heart-pounding moments as divers and filmmakers capture close-up footage of sharks in action, demonstrating their size and power. These encounters not only entertain but may also foster a greater appreciation for these magnificent animals. Check the nightly schedule of shows, here.

Want to sink your teeth into still more shark content from Discovery? Check out our Director of Conservation & Outreach, Samantha Whitcraft, featured in Shark Week’s 20th Anniversary Collection with Jaws of the Pacificabout great white shark sightings in Hawaiifrom Season 1, available on AmazonPrime.

SharkFest 2024 promises to be an exhilarating journey into the world of sharks, blending captivating storytelling with groundbreaking science. This annual event celebrates these sharks with a lineup of thrilling documentaries and insightful specials that explore shark behavior, biology, and conservation efforts. From the depths of the ocean to remote coastlines, SharkFest 2024 offers viewers access to these misunderstood creatures, shedding light on their critical role in marine ecosystems. With stunning cinematography, National Geographic invites audiences to delve deeper into the mysteries of sharks while fostering a greater appreciation for their plight and importance in our oceans. You can stream Shark Fest on Hulu and other streaming platforms. Check out the schedule, here.

  • SharkCon at Florida State Fairground Expo Hall, July 13 – 14, 2024

Presented by National Geographic Shark Fest, this fun and educational event is now in its 10th year. SharkCon 10 comes back bigger and better in 2024 with the stars of the “shark world” including celebrities, scientists, conservationists, photographers, and more! There will be invited speakers from Discovery Channel’s Shark Week, National Geographic, Animal Planet, and more including Samantha Whitcraft, Executive Director of our official, non-profit conservation partner, the Sea of Change Foundation who will discuss the vital role of sustainable ecotourism in shark conservation. See the full list of speakers, panelists, and celebrities, here. With over one hundred ocean-themed vendors and indoor scuba diving opportunities, SharkCon is for anyone from the casual consumer of shark lore to budding, young shark scientists. If it’s about sharks, it’s at SharkCon! Learn more and get your tickets, here.

And, of course, this summer, as always, every week is shark week with Aggressor Adventures® providing so many opportunities (with some great deals and summer specials) to dive with all our favorites like tiger and lemon sharks in the Bahamas, schooling hammerheads and whale sharks in the Galapagos, thresher sharks in the Philippines, and many more all around the world. Additionally, Aggressor Adventures’ official conservation partner, the Sea of Change Foundation funds shark conservation around the world including this year’s first-ever population assessments at Banco Chinchorro, Mexico with Maralliance. Learn more about the Foundation and help support community-based marine conservation, here.

Enjoy all the sharky content and have a happy, healthy summer!

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