Bahamas Liveaboard Dive Trip & Wildlife Education Course

Exclusive Dive Charter With Aggressor Adventures® Owner Wayne Brown

Join Wayne Brown, owner and CEO of Aggressor Adventures®, on the Bahamas Aggressor®, March 9th to March 16th, 2024, for an exciting week of underwater exploration, subtropical sun and fun, and incredible experiences that will fill you with unforgettable memories.

A passionate explorer, photographer, and videographer, Wayne dedicates a significant portion of his time uncovering thrilling new worldwide destinations for our Aggressor Adventures guests. Throughout the week, between dinners and dives, he will offer brief evening presentations during your Aggressor Liveaboards® diving adventure. Wayne will discuss the fascinating creatures you’ll likely encounter on your diving expeditions, and he’ll provide insights on distinguishing between a green back and a hawksbill turtle. During Wayne’s colorful presentations, you will delve into the intricate life cycle of an octopus, you will discover the miniscule size and appearance of jellyfish larvae, and you’ll discover why the bull shark is called just that.

Wine Appreciation Week

This special Aggressor Adventures journey, with Wayne Brown as your host, also happens to be a week dedicated to an appreciation of affordable wines and winemaking. Throughout the week you can tasting of red and white wine varietals of several countries, and gain fascinating insights that will tantalize your palate for more. It promises to be a week brimming with camaraderie, heartwarming stories, celebratory toasts, and intriguing wine trivia. Also during the week, you’ll have the chance to view a selection of captivating WineWorks videos. Learn the history of wine, barrel making, cork production and more.

You can expect nothing less than an exceptional combination of fantastic diving experiences, delightful company, and top-notch accommodations, all while indulging yourself in the world of grand cuisine and everyday affordable wines. During this wine tasting charter, we will offer dusk dives but no night dives to ensure all passengers have the opportunity to partake in the wine tasting festivities during dinner.

The Exumas Archipelago

This captivating weeklong diving charter promises an unparalleled experience, traversing more than 125 miles of the Exumas archipelago—a stunning chain of more than 350 islands. Dive into the heart of the Exumas, where the northern cays are celebrated for their extraordinary beauty and rich biodiversity. The cays are cradled between the turquoise Exuma Bank and the deeper Exuma Sound, offering an astonishing underwater landscape. One of the highlights is the Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park, established in 1958 as the Caribbean’s first marine reserve. During your dives you will revel in shallow coral reefs, vibrant walls, and intriguing blue holes. The surrounding mangroves and seagrass ecosystems are thriving habitats for turtles, rays, and sharks. Beyond the underwater marvels, the park is a sanctuary for endemic iguanas and birds, and boasts trails leading to hidden caves and grottos.

The Exumas offer a rich tapestry of dive sites, starting from walls in waters as shallow as 40 feet, and extending to intricate reefs teeming with fish. The area also features several blue holes, underwater caves, and intentionally sunken wrecks, adding variety to the underwater exploration. Shark attraction experiences are a highlight, showcasing the Bahamas’ reputation for thrilling shark encounters.

The Eleuthera Islands

Diving in Southwest Eleuthera Islands offers a spectacular underwater adventure, with unique formations and diverse marine life. At Cave Rock, divers are greeted by a majestic coral mound living in 50 feet of water, encircled by a cluster of smaller coral heads. This site is known for its intriguing caves that allow for exhilarating swim-throughs from one side to another. The area is a kaleidoscope of corals and fish, with frequent sightings of hammerhead sharks adding to the thrill. Nearby, Monolith presents a dramatic seascape where large coral mounds emerge from the sandy seabed at the wall’s edge. These structures, beginning at a depth of 100 feet and rising to 55 feet, are neighbored by a mesmerizing colony of garden eels.

To further the enchantment of your diving experience, Little San Sal, known as Half Moon Cay, features two remarkable sites. Cave Reef, a shallow 40-foot patch reef, boasts expansive swim-throughs slicing through the reef’s heart. In contrast, Empress Pinnacles offers a breathtaking wall dive, where towering 30-foot high pinnacles rise from the sandy floor at the brink of the wall. The clear waters surrounding these pinnacles are frequented by pelagic animals, while the pinnacles themselves are adorned with large branches of black coral. Each dive location in Southwest Eleuthera Islands presents its own unique wonders, creating an unforgettable underwater expedition.

Take the Journey of a Lifetime

Dive into this extraordinary journey with Aggressor Adventures! On this unique charter adventure in the Exuma Cays and Southwest Eleuthera, travelers will set sail from Nassau to discover awe-inspiring underwater walls, vibrant coral reefs, and to experience thrilling encounters with marine wildlife. Enjoy opportunities to dive with owner and CEO Wayne Brown, and indulge yourself with exclusive experiences that include informative talks, exquisite dinners, and wine tasting sessions. Book your excursion now!

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