Tom Yum Khung

By: Chef Vinai – Thailand Aggressor

Thailand Aggressor’s Pastry Chef Vinai shares his recipe for the incredibly delicious Tom Yum Khung, a Thai spicy lemon grass soup with shrimp.

200g Galingale (a type of Ginger)
4 pcs Lemon grass
8 Lime leafs
400g Shrimp
400g Mushrooms
6 Red onions
Chili (depends on how spicy you like it)
4 tbsp Fish sauce
6 pcs Lime juice
2 tsp sugar

Directions: Boil water and add Galingale, lemon grass, lime leafs, mushroom, red onion and chili. Cook for 10 minutes or until aroma gets rich. Add Lime juice, fish sauce and sugar then add shrimps and cook until shrimps are well cooked. Enjoy it!

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