Hot Salad Nicoise

By: Chef Andy – Rock Islands Aggressor

This is a great Warm salad for dinner parties where once you have everything ready it only takes a few moments to make a great dish. I have used Yellow Fin Tuna in my Recipe because that is what they catch here in Palau, But you can substitute tuna for your choice of fish or meat, or even Tofu

2lb new potatoes (I have used marble potatoes which were a mix color potato)
1lb French Beans or green Beans
6 boiled Eggs peeled & Quartered
½ Cup Black olives Kalamata are best
½ Cup Dices Shallots
1lb Cherry tomatoes halved
6 prices 8 oz Fresh Yellow fin Tuna, Salmon, Chicken or your Favorite Steak

For the dressing:
4 tbs Red Wine Vinegar
3tsp Dijon Mustard to make Dressing in A bowl add red wine vinegar & mustard
1Cup olive oil Whisk adding the olive oil slowly to make the dressing season with salt & Pepper

Boil New Potatoes in Salted water till tender, when cooled slice if big or half if smaller potatoes
Blanch Green beans in boiling Salted water for 4 min or until the beans are just cooked and refresh in iced water, Chilling the beans fast keeps the color and stops them from over cooking,And prep all other vegetables

To Cook and prepare the salad start by sautéeing the new potatoes in a hot pan with olive oil till a light golden brown then add in the Diced shallots, cook until soft. Add the Beans, Tomatoes, Olives till warm and then dress with the dressing

While you are making the salad you can grill the topping of your choice meat or fish, cook to your liking. Remember to rest the meat for 5 min so it is tender. Now you can build the salad

Using a nice plate or bowl plate spoon a mixture salad on the center and then top with your meat or fish and drizzle some dressing over the meat and enjoy.

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