“Underwater Euphoria with my Favorite Fleet” by Nora S.

40 Years of Memories Contest Winner: Nora S. (Indoenesia)

My first encounter with Aggressor Fleet was in March 2017. In fact, this was my very first liveaboard and I went to Cocos Island. No question, I started with the top. It’s true, not just for the high-quality dives of Cocos but also for the dive boat, itself! The crew of Aggressor provided us a home far away from home. We were spoilt with delicious food, great service, friendly team who are always ready to help and professional dive guides. My favorite parts were the night dives, watching a good hundred of sharks hunting in real action, a priceless experience which would fit into the best National Geographic movie. From this time I become addicted to Aggressor Liveaboards till the point that when I choose my next destination, it’s always Aggressor first that I check if there’s availability. So far, I did with them the mentioned trip in Cocos Island and then Belize, Raja Ampat, and Derawan Island. I had a trip booked for Galapagos but because of the pandemic I couldn’t make it – so this will be my next hit. My favorite marine creatures are dolphins because of their intelligence, playfulness, and gracious movements. No matter how many times I saw them before, I am always filled with endless endorphins and child-like joy. My most ultimate experience was on the trip of Belize Aggressor. We have finished the dive, and I was the last in the water on my way to climb up to the deck. Suddenly someone has shouted from the sundeck of the boat: “Dolphins behind you!” . Thank God my air consumption is very good, so even after a 1 hour dive my tank was half full. So I quickly asked the permission of the dive guide and went back under the water for a half an hour which I will never forget. The experience how the 7 adults and one baby dolphin were interacting, playing, singing with me – stays as a lifelong memory. When I finally came to the surface I was in complete Euphoria, I didn’t find words and gratitude was flowing in every inch of my body! So thank you Aggressor Adventures for creating this journey, giving us the chance to discover a new world of the Big Blue and pampering us with all the comfort that you do. I wish that it will last for many more decades.

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