Sudan is Unquestionably the Premier Diving Location in the Red Sea

For the experienced scuba diver looking for a new adventures, new challenges, spectacular marine life and most of all, some of the best diving available in the world, then Sudan should be your next liveaboard holiday destination. But get in quick, this world class premier destination is only serviced by a handful of liveaboard yachts and the season only last 5 months from Mid January to Mid June each year.

Aggressor Adventures is now one of the few liveaboard operators to service Sudan via their new Red Sea RE Aggressor yacht, offering unique and exclusive 14 day Sudan diving itineraries departing from Egypt and diving throughout Sudan’s coastal and offshore reefs. Diving Sudan has never been easier with guests never having to leave the yacht or set foot on land. The RE Aggressor offers a luxurious, safe and amazing adventurous journey.

Sudan is the definition of adventure diving, its dive sites are so remote, it sometimes makes you feel like you’ve come to the edges of the world. Once under the water, there is a wealth of large pelagic predators to experience each charter. Sudan is renowned for its large schools of Hammerheads, Silky Sharks, Grey Reef Sharks, coupled with abundance of large schools of Barracuda. Along with a rich and varied micro and macro marine life, Sudan offers remarkable and beautiful coral reefs and landscapes.

Sudan also has unique underwater sites to explore like the famous Cousteau Conshelf & Precontinent II, the first undersea living experiment. Also discover the breathtaking and large “Umbria” wreck which sank during World War II and remains in perfect condition with a wide variety of cargo, vehicles and weaponry, eerily frozen in time.

Within the limited 5 month Sudan season, there is also the added adventure of diving in the Deep South of Sudan for 3 months, from Mid March to Mid June.

South Sudan reefs networks are the most remote and the most untouched in the whole of the Red Sea. South Sudan offers visiting divers the highest potential of big pelagic predator action in the whole of the Red Sea. Combined, South Sudan is a remarkable itinerary and should be on every liveaboard divers bucket list to dive.

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